2022 Vendor Registration Form


Please complete the form below to register as a vendor for the 2022 Big River Gospel Fest. If for any reason your application is denied you will be refunded in full. Deadline to register is when spaces are full or December 1, 2021.

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By signing below I agree to abide by all rules and conditions of the 2022 Big River Gospel Fest as outlined below and release and forever discharge from any liability the event organizers, sponsors, and their affiliated companies, officers, agent, and employees. I will not hold the event or event organizers responsible for loss due to damage or theft. I understand that the above event in no way guarantees any return or benefits. I understand these rules and regulations and agree to all the terms of this vendor agreement.

Thank you for applying to be a vendor for Big River Gospel Fest 2022



How to Apply:

All vendors must apply using the  Vendor Application below no later than January 1, 2022. Selected vendors will be notified by FEBRUARY 1, 2022. There are limited spaces available. Vendors spaces will be assigned on a first pay first served basis. Please register early.

Booth Specifications:

All vendors must use a 10x10 Canopy tent with at least 200 lbs of weight securing the tent. booths will be 10x10 unless specified by festival staff. No part of your booth shall extend beyond the space provided, including tent weights, tables, canopies, etc.

Sales and product approval:

All vendors are responsible for charging applicable sales tax. BRGF staff reserves the right to ask for any material deemed inappropriate to be removed. Obscene material of any kind is not welcome. Overtly offensive materials, signage, or banners are strictly prohibited. If you are asked to leave the premises due to vulgar materials all fees paid will be forfeited.


BRGF is not responsible for any items lost or stolen or any injuries that may occur whether directly or indirectly associated with this event, prior to, during or after the festival or any events held in conjunction with.


BRGF does not offer exclusivity to vendors, however to maintain event standards the repetition of like products may be limited.


Load In:

Tent Load in will begin at 5pm cst Friday February 25th. Product load in will begin at 7am cst. All vendors must be in place by 9am and ready to open by 10:00am cst. All vendor vehicles must be removed from the general parking area by 8am cst. Vendors will not be able to drive onto the football field. Atv's will be onsite to help transport items to booths. Wagons and or dollies are encourgaed.

Load out:

All vendor Tents are required to stay up until 8pm or the end of the final show. If you sell out or need to leave your tent for any reason you may do so but the booth must be clearly marked as closed and the tent itself cannot be broken down.

FOOD & Beverages:

Absolutely no open food products or beverages are to be sold from any vendor during Big River Gospel Fest. The Calhoun County Community Foundation has a designated concession seller that will be selling all food/beverages during this event. Pre Packaged food such as breads, whole pies, jams, jellies, spices, seasonings, etc are permitted.


Vendors are NOT permitted to giveaway free items including but not limited to water, or food samples, without prior consent of festival officials. Product promotional items such as business cards are permitted.


There will be no electricity on site for vendors. Generators are not permitted in vendor area, on grass on or near the football field, bleachers, or festival grounds. 

Leave No Trace:

vendors are responsible for the area around their booths/installations. Trash bins will be on site however Please bring any additional trash bins you may need for supplies. please make sure no paper products are left outside where they can blow around the grounds, (napkins, gift wrapping, etc.) If a large amount of trash is left behind in your booth area you may be subject to additional trash collection fees.